Room scale tracking

The infra-red video tracking system was designed specifically for tracking mosquitoes in total darkness as they attempt to reach a human host protected within a bednet.

It can be installed for use in virtually any location and it allows us to observe precisely how the local vector population interacts with any particular ITN. The recorded video enables repeat viewing for quantification of numerous elements of the mosquito’s interaction with a complete human-occupied ITN.  By retaining any mosquitoes that survive the period of exposure for monitoring in the sublethal pipeline the consequences of that exposure for the mosquito can be determined.

Room scale tracking systems are being installed in Tanzania and Benin to  compare the entomological modes of action of the different ITNs, their performance against the different vector species and populations at the different study sites, and how those nets perform at 12 or more months in situ since first hung in local houses at study sites.

Room-scale video tracking